Roof Rescue - Previous Winners


2016 - Mark Hyland

Mark was a paramedic for nearly 35 years and has since been forced to retire because of his rheumatoid arthritis. The arthritis has since placed him in a wheel chair, but he still manages to volunteer his time for the essential services hockey league, as a time keeper. Mark has experienced devastating leaks in his home, leading to the ceiling in his bathroom to completely fall down. He also has leaks in his spare bedroom, as well as over his own bed.

Mark won the vote and received his brand new roof in September of 2016. Since, Mark has experienced zero leaks and is able to count on the integrity of his roof.

2015 - Maryann Perry

Maryann was diagnosed with rectal cancer in 2014 and had been dealing with surgery after surgery. Her husband and adult son were both also dealing with serious health concerns. The last thing on this families mind was their roof. Maryann won the voting stage and received her new roof in fall of 2015

2014 - Ahn Tuan

In 2013 while working in a tree Ahn fell out of the tree and suffered a broken back, needing 2 rods and 16 screws to fuse his back together Ahn was left unable to walk and in a wheelchair. He and his young wife have a 16 month old daughter and suddenly money was extremely tight. Dealing with 4 leaks on their roof Ahn and his wife were not sure where to turn. Luckily the community stepped up and voted them as the winner of our first No Roof Left Behind program and they received their new roof in summer of 2014.


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