Laminated Shingles (Most Popular Choice)

Laminated shingles have become increasingly popular in the roofing industry. Manufacturered with a second tab “laminated” to the base layer of the shingle, laminated shingles provide superior strength and protection compared to their 3-tab alternative. Architecturally stylish, practically priced and a Lifetime warranty make this roofing system a good choice for any budget. Laminate shingles are designed using a shadow effect and variation of colours to give the roof a multi-dimensional look.

Pricing: $$$$$

Warranty: Lifetime (See Warranty guide for details)

Life Expectancy: 20-25 years

Dayus Preferred Product: GAF Timberline HD
Manufactured by North America’s largest shingle manufacturer, the Timberline is a proven shingle in Windsor Essex and is backed by one of the strongest warranties in the industry. Although the shingle is lighter than some of its competitors, GAF’s state of the art manufacturing process and industry leading innovation make the Timberline Dayus Roofing’s #1 choice in the laminated category.

Alternative Products: CertainTeed Landmark, IKO Cambridge, BP Everest and Mystique

Notes: The above information describes base model laminate shingles. Heavier shingles in the laminated category are available, including the GAF ULTRA HD and the CertainTeed Landmark Pro or TL. Heavier laminate options do have some advantages, which include higher wind warranties and aesthetic enhancements. However, studies show that the weight of a shingle is unrelated to the overall success of a product. Laminate shingles are typically designed for roof slopes greater than 3/12, although some manufacturers are starting to make exceptions. Dayus Roofing recommends using a lower profile shingle or alternative roofing material in any area lower than 4/12 slope.


Only 3% of roofing contractors in North America are Master Elite certified through GAF.

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