Unfortunately, leaking roofs are bound to happen.  Different roofing systems have different life expectancies and severe weather can throw a wrench into even the best laid plans.  Dayus Roofing’s repair division is here to help.  If you notice leaking, water damage, missing or cracked shingles, or other warning signs, we recommend you contact us or give us a call at (519)737-1920.  

A Dayus Roofing expert will thoroughly inspect and analyze the situation.  Not all minor roof leaks automatically require new roofs.  Dayus Roofing guarantees an honest assessment of your roofing issue.  If it’s determined that a repair is the best plan of action, Dayus Roofing will accommodate that request on a time and material basis.  If you do decide that it’s time to purchase a new Dayus Roof, we’ll do our best to temporarily resolve the issue, at no additional charge to you, until your new Dayus Roof can be installed. 

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