Specialty Roofing

Statistics show that approximately 40% of a home’s visual appeal comes from its roof.  How your roof appears from the street can affect the market value of your home.  Like house paint or siding, the roofing material you choose can add value and character to the exterior of your house.  The right roofing material accentuates texture and style that will make your home stand out, especially if the roof is the only unique feature you can highlight. 
Choosing one of Dayus’ Specialty Roofing options is a great way to create a truly unique housing look and create the signature home of the neighborhood.

Dayus Roofing’s Specialty Roofing options include:

 Slate: Renown for its aesthetic appeal and durability, nothing says “classic beauty” like a slate roof.

• Cedar: An excellent choice if you’re looking to create a home with rustic charm.  Cedar’s warm, subtle texture patterns and rich, earthy tones have earned it high acclaim.

•  Metal: The strength and durability of a commercial-grade roof combined with improved design options make metal roofing a worthwhile investment and an exceptional alternative.

Only 3% of roofing contractors in North America are Master Elite certified through GAF.

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