Rubber Roofing

Waterproof by definition

Designed to look like cedar shakes or authentic slate, rubber roofing materials are one of the newest technologies on the market today and provide a number of advantages over their alternatives. Dayus Roofing searched high and low to find the best rubber roofing option and our research lead us to the EuroShield Rubber Roofing System. Some of the key features of the Eurosheild Rubber Roof include:

Lifetime transferable warranty
Non pro-rated coverage on labour and materials.

Made in Canada for Canadian Weather – manufactured in Calgary, Alberta
Many alternatives are imported from abroad and cannot handle the harsh Canadian climate.

Windsor Essex tested and approved
The first Dayus Roofing EuroShield product was installed in 2005 and it still performs well and looks great!

The most durable roofing system you can buy 
Easy and safe to walk on, but don’t just take our word for it, ask us about our class four hail test.  

Environmentally friendly – up to 95% recycled material
Keeps tires out of landfills – 600 to 1000 tires are used per average roof installation.

100% recyclable – if you outlive the lifetime warranty
EuroShield roofing tiles and scraps can be recycled to manufacture more roofing materials in the future.

Outstanding appearance
Both Cedar shake and Slate profiles available in multiple colours.

Insurance savings and a preferred product by insurance companies
Many insurance companies will actually give you a break on your homeowner’s insurance simply by choosing a rubber roof!

Noise reducing – sound deadening capabilities
Keeps rain and hail from interrupting your beauty sleep.

Lower energy bills – keeps attics cooler
Air is trapped within the shingles to create an insulating barrier.

Sincere results – this really is the last roofing system you’ll ever buy
No paint finish details to worry about or pro-rated coverage terms – LIFETIME means LIFETIME.

Traditional Roof design and protection
Each shingle course extends underneath the next exposed row and beyond to create a double layer of protection. All traditional systems (Cedar, Slate, Asphalt etc.) rely on this type of design. No hooks or cup joints for water to slip through.

Two Classes of the EuroShield product are available:

Luxury and Style
Affordable Durability


Only 3% of roofing contractors in North America are Master Elite certified through GAF.

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From 2008-2013 Dayus Roofing has earned the consumer proteciton excellnce award.

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