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Below are some Frequently Ask Questions. Please click on a question and the answer will appear below. If there is a question that we have not addressed please feel free to contact us.

How much will a new roof cost?

There are a number of factors that affect the price of a roof replacement. The size, steepness, number of existing layers, access to your property and number of stories are some of the most prominent determining factors. It is important when selecting a roofing material you compare the cost vs life expectancy. A rubber roof, for example will be a larger initial investment, but a lower annual cost overall. The following chart compares the costs of our most popular roofing systems:

Asphalt 20-25 years $           The most exonomical choice on the market
Metal 35-40 years $$         Approximately 2-2.5 x the price of an asphalt roof
Rubber 45-50 years $$         Approximately 2-2.5 x the price of an asphalt roof
Cedar 30-35 years $$$       Approximately 3-3.5 x the price of an asphalt roof
Slate/Tile 50+ years $$$$$   Approximately 5-6 x the price of an asphalt roof
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Can I install my new roof over top of my existing roof?

Dayus Roofing and all shingle manufacturers highly recommend you tear off your existing roof prior to installing a new roof. It is possible to go over top of your existing roof in some situations, but specific installation practices must be followed. Over top installs drastically decrease the life expectancy of a roofing system and are more prone to issues including wind damages, poor esthetics and leaks around detailed areas and flashings. 

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How long will it take to replace my roof?

After signing a contract with Dayus Roofing it takes an average of 2-3 weeks before installation can begin, so it is important that you plan accordingly. We do offer emergency repair services to accommodate leaks for temporary protection before your roof can be installed, but encourage home owners to be proactive when it comes to replacing their roof. Click here to view our warning signs that will help you determine if you need a new roof.

Once we begin a project we do not leave until the job is done. Too many contractors sacrifice quality for speed of install which is a big mistake. An average roof will take 1-2 days to be installed, but larger steeper roofs can take 3+ days. At Dayus Roofing we designate employees for specific tasks such as tear off, clean up and shingle installation to ensure only the most experienced roofers are installing the critical elements of your roofing system.

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How long will my roof last?

The answer to this question depends on the type of roof you have installed on your home, the options you choose and the area you live. There are many factors that can have an effect the life expectancy of a roof, which include but are not limited to: slope, sun exposure, weather conditions, overhanging vegetation and foreign objects such as antennas and solar panels. Today, everything from asphalt shingles to slate roofing systems are protected by lifetime warranties, but it does not take a roofing professional to know that the slate will certainly last longer.

Organic based asphalt shingles have proven faulty and lasted anywhere from 7-15 years or more if you are lucky. Click here to learn more about the organic era. Currently, shingles are manufactured using a fiberglass base sheet, and technology has drastically improved the product quality. In today’s market, a well installed laminate asphalt shingle should last 20 to 25 years and Dayus Roofing has seen fiberglass shingles that are 20-25 years old in Windsor Essex that are still in good shape.

Although asphalt is the most commonly scrutinized roofing product, even premium roofing systems such as metal and cedar can fall short of their Lifetime promises. Warranty coverage and actual life expectancy can be drastically different. It is important you understand the fine print of what your roofing warranty covers. Click here for more information on roofing warranties.

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What type of roof vent is the best?

The answer to this question depends on the design of your home, your budget and where your home is located. Options range from standard roof vents to solar powered roof vents that monitor attic temperature and humidity. Static or “box” vents are the most common type of vent because of their simplicity and price point. Ridge vents are becoming increasingly popular. All vent types have their advantages and disadvantages. Turbine vents, for example, draw more air out from the attic, but rely on bearings that can break down over time causing squeaking and repair costs. Cathedral ceilings and attics without soffit intake require special types of roof vents. It is best to have a roofing professional design a ventilation system that is right for your home. Always make sure you have balanced ventilation at the intake and exhaust wherever possible. Click here for more information on ventilation.

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Do you offer financing?

YES! As Canadian Tire’s Roofing and Siding representative we are able to offer 0% financing over 36 months of equal payments through the Canadian Tire Home Services program. No down payment. No hidden fees. Keep an eye on your weekly flyer for special offers and promotions from Canadian Tire. When you call to schedule an estimate please notify us whether or not you would be interested in using Canadian Tire’s financing option.

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Is Dayus Roofing covered by liability insurance and workers compensation?

YES! Before selecting a roofing contractor it is important to make sure you are protected. If a contractor does not provide you hard copies of their certificates they may not have WSIB coverage or insurance of any kind. You could be personally liable if an accident or an injury occurs. This can include being held liable for medial and other costs. You could also be exposed to lawsuits. Do not rely on verbal promises. Protect yourself and your assets. 

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Do your employees have fall protection training?

YES! Our employees are constantly being trained on the best and most up to date safety practices. Construction is one of the most dangerous industries to work in and Dayus Roofing takes pride in providing a safe working environment. All of our proposal folders include a copy of our Health and Safety Policy.

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What is the best asphalt shingle on the market today?

Every contractor has their own opinion on what asphalt shingle is the best. At Dayus Roofing we recommend the GAF Timberline Lifetime shingle as the economical asphalt shingle of choice. GAF is North America’s largest shingle manufacturer and has been the industry leader since 1885. GAF has always been the front-runner in industry changing technology. They invented the laminate shingle and created the lifetime warranty program. The best warranties and proven real world performance (specifically in Windsor and Essex County) are some of the main reasons the GAF Timberline is the preferred fiberglass laminate shingle at Dayus Roofing.

Depending on how long you plan on living at your current home, an alternative roofing material than traditional asphalt may be a better alternative. Click here to learn more about our SBS Rubberized shingles and Rubber Roofing systems.

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Only 3% of roofing contractors in North America are Master Elite certified through GAF.

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