SUMMARY - Wood cedar shingles or shakes offer an authentic and natural design.  Cedar shingles are sawn on both sides and are thinner at the butt than a shake. A shake is typically split on one or both sides. Shingles are always sawn on both sides from a block of cedar. Most shingles are manufactured using a stationary, upright saw. The block of cedar is moved through the path of the saw by a device called a carriage, which holds the wood firmly, but also alternates the angle of the cut with each stroke. After being cut from the block, the sides of each shingle are then trimmed to create square corners on the product.  The traditional style provides authentic textures of Cedar impressions and transforms your house into a home filled with warmth and beauty.  A wood cedar roof adds a ruggedly beautiful, and distinctly upscale, touch to your home.

Pricing:    $$$$$

Warranty: 25 years    

Life Expectancy:  20 years  

Dayus Preferred Product: * Dayus always recommends using Premium Grade Cedar.

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